Sergey Fedulov
Sergey Fedulov (born in 1981) started drawing at an early age. The grandfather was an artist and supported his grandson's hobby, allowing him to create any way he wanted and anywhere he wanted — even on the walls. After general school, Sergey finished the restoration college. At first, he drew from life, as many artists do, but he always dreamed of finding his own special technique, original manner, and in this he succeed in the Alternative studio at the neuropsychiatric dispensary No. 7. After the closure of "Alternative" in 2018, the artist begins to visit the "Studio No. 6 " at psychiatric hospital No. 6 and found support of Outsiderville project.

Fedulov is fond of science fiction and is prone to supernatural interpretation of social and political collisions. The artist's style can be defined as fantastic realism, not alien to irony and sarcasm. In his world, communism triumphs on a universal scale, but is not aggressive or threatening, being the model of the pure intergalactic order. There is a dialogue in every piece — and not only between the high authorities of Earth, but also with the inhabitants of other planets, who can also be heard. The frightening potential of political myths is rendered harmless: they turn into anecdote, fairy tale, awkwardness. Dream and reality interfuse: Comrade Stalin meets Comrade Napoleon, psychiatrist Kashchenko treats aliens, Sigmund Freud and Barack Obama host the parade together — under the calm look of Masyanya the Cat, the author's pet. In the curators' opinion, the inclusion of Masyanya as a recurring character helps Sergey openly fantasize and feel free on the paper.

Fedulov's artworks were presented at exhibitions in the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, 2019, 2020), in the Museum of Russian Lubok and Naive Art (Moscow, 2019), as well as at the Nit Ariadny [Ariadne's Thread] festival (Moscow, 2018), at the 2nd Triennial of Self-taught Artists (Yagodina, Serbia, 2019) and at the virtual exhibition "Art Brut Global. Phase II" (project of the Outsider Art Fair, 2020). Participant of the international competition Paralym Art World Cup (Tokyo, Japan, 2020).